1WORLD was established in June 1999,with the sole purpose of providing the world with the finest telecommunications service at the most affordable price possible.At 1WORLD , we believe that no matter where you are within the world, you deserve the most proficient telecommunications service.

At 1WORLD ,we regard our consumers’ satisfaction as the fundamental aspiration for our company.Thus, we endeavor to deliver our consumers with the leading products of the telecommunications sector; priding ourselves on our exceptional voice quality and services.

To furthermore enhance our services, we have strived to expand our office locations onto a global level. 1WORLD currently hold office branches in Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Moreover, to exalt our customers’ experience,we ensure that every office branch utilizes a diverse range of languages, ranging from English to Asian and European languages. All these measures ensure that our company administers a phenomenal telecommunications service.

1WORLD is the sole company that produce a superior telecommunications service, with an unmatched customer service program.

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